AUTO GREEN Rent a Car, LDA (called "LESSOR") rents to the client (called "LESSEE") motor vehicle described in the contract (called “VEHICLE and/or CAR”). In accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the contract of hire, that the lessee and/or the extra driver (called “ADDITTIONAL DRIVER”) reads take notes, accepts and, after him be explained, agrees, authorizes and signs on the same undertakes to observe and respect.

Car Rental Prices Shown in the Website Include: 
 Colision Damage Waiver (CDW) - Excess Fee: charged per rent according to car type - see rating "terms & conditions - Excess Fee" Third party liability protection (TP) Theft waiver (TW) V.A.T. include Airport Fee Unlimited mileage Travel Assistance 24 hours Free Cancellation

Optional Extras:
 Super Colision Damage Waiver Insurance (Super CDW) - eliminates any Excess: charged per day according to car type - see rating "terms & conditions - Super CDW Insurance" - step 3  ACDW Insurance - eliminates some charges like: Tyres, Windows and Locks: charged per day according to car type - see rating "terms & conditions - ACDW Insurance" - step 3  PAI Insurance (Personal Assistance Insurance): charged per day according to car type - see rating "terms & conditions - PAI Insurance" - step 3  Baby Seats until 9 mounth (until 13Kg): +5€ per day, per baby seat - step 3 Baby Seats from 9 mounth until 4 years (13Kg until 18Kg): +5€ per day, per baby seat - step 3 Booster Seats 4 years until 12 years (18Kg until 36Kg): +3€ per day, per booster seat - step 3 Additional Drivers: +20€ per contract/rent, per driver - step 3 Insurance for Spain+50€ per contract - step 3 

Franchises or Excess Fee:
Auto Green takes on the Own Damage (CDW), Although in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle the Client/Driver shall liquidate the co-payment of responsibility according to the group booked as follows:
 Groups A, B and C – 800,00EUR Groups D and E – 900,00EUR Groups F and G – 1.200,00EUR  Groups H and I – 1.500,00EUR

Super C.D.W. Insurance – Super Colision Damage Waiver Insurance, no Excess Fee:
Super Colision Damage Waiver insurance has no excess, cover damage in case of accident and theft. Eliminates the value of any deposit full taxed, if charged per day according the type of vehicle, except for windows, locks and tyres. For better protection subscribe ACDW Insurance - Safe breaking glass. This insurance will cover the deductible on all associated with your rental agreement. Super CDW prices shown are per day, per rental:
 Groups A, B, C e D – 8EUR per day, per contract - step 3  Groups E, F e G – 10EUR per day, per contract - step 3  Groups H e I – 12EUR per day, per contract - step 3 

A.C.D.W. Insurance – Safe Breaking Glass:
The Safe breaking glass in addition to covering glasses and / or windows in case of accident or damage their own, copper locks (in case of theft attempt) and tires. This insurance costs 3 EUR per day, for rental, for all types of vehicle.

P.A.I. Insurance – Personal Assistance Insurance:
This insurance covers medical expenses and provides the following coverage: per passenger for death or permanent disability - 15.000.00EUR and medical expenses - 1.500.00EUR. The personal insurance of passengers is usually associated with the Super CDW insurance. However can be associated with the individual rental contract. This insurance costs 3EUR per day, per rental for all vehicles. 

Vehicles Types:
All vehicles displayed and models listed on our website are examples of similar cars that may be provided. We cannot guarantee that the brand or model of the rental vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website when you make your online booking. Only guarantee that it will be a similar vehicle with the same characteristics.

Drivers Age and Drivers License
The minimum age to rent a car in Portugal is 25 years old and the driver must hold a full license for minimum 2 year with no major endorsements. An International Driver’s License (IDL) is required if the renter’s national driver’s license is not in Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver. UK license holders must present both the photo card and and the paper counterpart at the time of rental.

Additional Drivers
All additional drivers in your car rental contract must comply with same rules stated in the previous point.

Car Accidents
In case of accident is mandatory to call the authorities and always fill an accident report (with or without fault). Phone number: 112. If the driver is proven to be under the influence of alcohol and / or narcotics, he / she will be required to pay all the costs of any damage occurred.

Driver Negligence
Any damage to the vehicle done by driver’s negligence (burn clutch, damage due the driving on unsealed roads, parking the car on high sidewalk curbs, etc.) will be charged to the client for the full amount of the repair cost.

Wrong Fuel
If client uses the wrong fuel while filling the car, the client will be charged for the full amount of the repair cost.

Parking, Speeding Fines or none Toll Road Payment
Parking, speeding fines or none Toll Road Payment plus an administration fee of 20EUR will be charged to the client.

Toll Road A22 (Transponder)
The usage of Road A22 implies the payment of fees. If the client decides to use the Transponder the fees for device's rental and pre-loaded credit will be charged when picking up the vehicle (step 3). In case you spend more than your pre-loaded credit, the difference will be charged on your credit card, 48 hours after the vehicle devolution. The client may buy more credit for the Transponder at any time on any Post Office or Pay Shop. If the client does not spend the whole credit, reimbursement is not available.

Parking and Speed Tickets
They will be charge with an extra 20 Euros as administrative cost.

Damage of vehicle interior
If the vehicle is returned in an unacceptable state or if it is incredibly dirty and in need of extra cleaning and/or repair, the client will be charge with all the extra costs.

Personal Accidents
Personal Accidents Insurance is not included on your rental contract.

Lost of vehicle documents
If the client returns the vehicle with no documents, 100 Euros fee will be charged so new ones can be obtained.

Faro Airport (FAO) - Pick Up and Drop Off
From 1st March 2015, an additional charge of 15 Euros is applied locally when collecting a vehicle from the Airport Car Park at Faro Airport (FAO). This charge has been introduced by the Portuguese airport authority (ANA). This charge is applied to every car hire companies at Faro Airport (FAO) using the Airport Car Park.

Out of hours Pick Up and Drop Off
Out of hours collects and returns before 8am and after 8pm will have a 20 Euros charge. When you book online and you select a collect or return time within this interval of time, the total costs will include this charge.

Insurance Coverage
The prices shown on step 2 on the online booking include Colision Damage Waiver (CDW), Third-part liability and Theft Waiver. These insurance have an excess according to vehicle category. The client can eliminate this excess paying a fee according to vehicle category.  The CDW Insurance does not cover damage in tyres, windows and locks. The client can request an Insurance with this coverage, the ACDW Insurance on step 3. The Super CDW depends with vehicle category. Personal Accidents Insurance is not included in rental contract.

Fuel Policy
The client should return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel upon collection. Missing fuel will have extra costs.

Kilometers Policy
The rental contract includes unlimited kilometers for any vehicle.

Crossing border Policy
Is only allowed to cross the border between Portugal and Spain. If you are planning to do so, choose that option on step 3 of your online reservation and your Insurance will be valid in Spain. A fee will be charged.

Payment Methods (the client should possess one of the following cards upon collection of the vehicle)
The rental contract can be paid by Credit Card - American Express, MasterCard, Visa - Debit Card or money (EUR). The main driver has to possess a Credit Card with his/her name upon collection of the vehicle, due to the fact that a caution has to be applied until returning  the vehicle. If you choose to have Super CDW Insurance the client does not need to leave a caution. This card will hold a caution of the same amount of the Insurance excess. If the client presents an invalid credit card or if it does not have enough money, Auto Green has the right to refuse the rental.

Extra's conditions
Note that extra's prices may vary with no previous announcement.

GPS Navigation
GPS Navigation is available and just needs to be choosen on step 3 of the online booking.   A 200 Euros fee will be charged in case of damage or loss of the equipment.