Diagram of pick up and Drop off Auto Green’s vehicles – Faro International Airport

Pick up an Auto Green’s Car

After you have the Contract completed by the Auto Green’s employee you will be taken to your car, as shown in the diagram. Our entire fleet is located in the car park "P4", of Faro Airport.

To leave the facilities of airport to your rental vehicle, you should take the following path. Go to the first exit, and take the pedestrian access on the left, as if you were going to the departures area, (you must walk on the pedestrian access, next to the airport infrastructure). Walk in the direction of car park "P1" through the pedestrian access. You should continue on that access until the end of it, if you continue straight ahead you can see the signs "P4". This car park ("P4") is meant exclusively for Hire Cars. Usually our cars are on the left side when you enter the "P4", after the crosswalk. After this, follow the directions to the exit. This whole path is done with an Auto Green’s employee, so this description is only for information.

Drop off an Auto Green’s Car

Arriving at the airport roundabout, known as the roundabout of “stone statues”, you should stay in the left lane and go to the third exit (the first exit is Praia de Faro, the second exit is the gas station). After the roundabout, when entering the airport terminal area, you should stay in the left lane again. A little further you'll see a big sign saying "P4 Rent a Cars" and a few meters ahead you should approach your car to the gates. At the park entrance, the gates open automatically because of a plate number reader.

Usually, the Auto Green’s cars are parked a few meters after entering the park, on the right side. However you can park anywhere if you wish.

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