Transponder Toll Road - A22 (Ex-SCUT)

Toll Road - A22 (Ex- SCUT)

Since the 8th of December, the road A22 or "Via do Infante" has a electronic payment, operate an unmanned toll system. In this road you will have diferent areas nominated as "Green Zones" (free of charge) and "Blue Zones" (fee applies depending on vehicle category).

"Transponder" for Toll Road - A22

If you choose Transponder Toll Road -A22 (Ex- SCUT) on your online booking, you will be given the device upon collection of the vehicle. This service is available for any vehicle from our fleet. It can be requested before you rental, with extra costs (due to device rental and pre-loaded credit)

Benifits of Transponder:

 §  No worries – in agreement with the law, avoiding traffic tickets and administrative costs;

 §  Save time – avoid long queues at pay-shops / post office;

 §  Easy – simplifies payment;

 §  Coverage – Valid exclusively for Road A22.

How does Transponder work:

 §  Through a connection between the device on your vehicle and the devices spread across the road, they will send the information of distance made and will apply the appropriate fees according to vehicle category. It will not be necessary to stop your vehicle as this will be done electronically;

 §  The transponder will be fixed on your vehicle and will be able to sent information regarding distance and time of driving on A22.

Payment of Toll Road - A22 using Transponder

To facilitate your holidays in Algarve, Auto Green has the transponder available. When you book online, just choose this option (step 3) and you can start using this service when you pick up your vehicle. This device can only be used on the Road A22 (Ex- SCUT).

If you view Algarve's map, there are two different areas identificed. "Green Zone" are free of charge and have white numbers and the "Blue Zone" fees apply according to vehicle category and have red numbers.

Each area has different fees, but there is an estimation of 9 cents per kilometer (For example from Vila Real de Santo António to Lagos you will have to pay 11,60 Euros). You can access the price list on Extras & Services.

In case you spend more than your pre-loaded credit, the difference will be charged on your credit card, 48 hours after the vehicle devolution. Auto Green will send a customer receipt to your email, with all the details.